SNP should note that unity is key after Paris

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The civilised world, including Scotland, has a problem. Whatever we do about it, we have to do it together. So, in view of recent events in Paris and elsewhere, I appeal to the Scottish National Party and its supporters to bury the hatchet, to put aside all their differences with the rest of the United Kingdom, to stop squabbling, complaining, insulting, stirring up ill-feeling and trying to undermine the British government. We need to put behind us all vestiges of dislike, suspicion, resentment, contempt, in some cases even hatred towards the other nations that make up the UK, and to express reconciliation and solidarity with our brothers, sisters, partners and friends across the rest of our country.

In order to tackle the enormous problems we all face, it would be irresponsible and nonsensical for a Scottish government to advocate different policies from the rest of the country, be it on immigration, home affairs, foreign affairs, defence, or anything else essential to our values and our survival. Irresponsible because terrorists will be all too eager to exploit any such differences and the loopholes thus created, and nonsensical because we can only face a threat by effectively combining our strengths, both civil and if necessary military.

The UK is one of the world’s significant economic and military powers. Let’s join with others, and use that strength if we have to. The fight against terrorism involves not only governments but ordinary people as well; people in Scotland have already decided to remain part of the United Kingdom and that is where we want to be.

So the Scottish National Party should declare that its campaign for independence is over, and that Scots people are united with the rest of the UK and the civilised world in confronting the threats and the dangers we all face. Please don’t delay, but show the courage to go ahead and do it.

Stephen Midgley, Tarbrax, West Calder

Let’s admit trams were mistake and move on

Why does the council still have this love affair with the trams? They are the most useless thing that Edinburgh council has wasted our money on.

We already had one of the best bus services anywhere, now they are recommending that they are forced to increase their fares to pay for another wasted, useless link to Ocean Terminal.

We already have a link from the airport to Ocean Terminal, it’s the 35 and at this time it costs £1.50 – great value for money.

How can they possibly say they are making profit on the trams when the overspend was so great that it will take years and years to break even, never mind make profit?

This proves true with the length of time it is taking for the tram public inquiry and investigation to take place.

It is one cover up after another with this council.

We have to draw a line under it, admit we wasted millions on something useless and something that nobody but the council wanted, and forget about expanding it to Leith – leave that to the 35 bus which has covered this well for years and which does not have limited stops, and for the best part is always on time until on ocassion when the council shuts roads or causes delays for some event or other, and it does all this for £1.50.

Let’s give the praise to the ones that deserve it – well done to Lothian Buses.

Mr Raymond Ross, Hutchison Avenue, Edinburgh

New bus shelters give no cover at all

The last few days have exposed the inadequacy of the new bus shelters springing up over the city.

Apparently, these have been designed by Norman Foster and successfully used as far north as York. Presumably, Norman Foster has never tried waiting at a bus stop in a wet and windy Edinburgh, or he might have modified his design.

Many shelters which were previously with their rear to the road providing protection from spray and exhaust fumes have now been turned around to provide better access for the disabled. Unfortunately they are now open to the elements. Travelling on the bus on Saturday, I waited at stops and passed many shelters where it was just as wet inside as out. There have been problems with the seats but it made no difference on Saturday since the seats were soaking wet anyway.

The main motivation for the replacement of the shelters seems to be the advertising revenue to be generated for the company providing the shelters, with a share going to the council.

I hesitate to suggest that this may be just as bad a commercial decision as the trams fiasco.

John Fyfe, Redford Terrace, Edinburgh

Clothes for ‘a certain age’ are hard to find

Helen Martin (News, November 2) was spot on about fashion and other related things for a certain age group.

She mentioned Helen Mirren but Helen would probably be a little different in shape and look if she had had children.

I don’t bother with trousers because by the time the tum and bum go in they’d look like clown breeks. I tend to go for something structured now.

Name and address supplied

A1 upgrade to dual carriageway overdue

As the political parties draw up their policies for next year’s elections I hope plans to upgrade the A1 road to dual carriageway are included. As the main raid to Sotland’s capital, this road is a disgrace.

Jim Barrow, Leith Walk, Edinburgh