Soldier facing court martial after fight with police

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A SOLDIER who fought with two police officers to avoid arrest in the Capital faces being court martialed for going AWOL, a court has heard.

Private Riccardo Gumede, 24, struggled with two PCs who were trying to arrest him for committing a breach of the peace on June 3.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court today heard how the Royal Scots infantry soldier fell out with the officers after they stopped his friend who was driving a car in the Cowgate.

His friend ignored a no entry sign at a junction - and was pulled over to the side of the road.

The police interviewed his friend in their vehicle but Gumede started acting aggressively and kept on interrupting the officers from doing their duty.

When the constables decided to arrest him, he started struggling with them in a bid to avoid being taken into custody.

Gumede, of Muirhouse Green, pleaded guilty to charges of breach of the peace and resisting arrest.

Sheriff William Holligan fined Gumede £450 and released Gumede - who went missing from the Army in October 2011 - into the custody of a Royal Scots officer.

He was then taken to Colchester where he is likely to face proceedings in front of a military court.