SSPCA call to stamp out dog-fighting

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THE Scottish SPCA has launched a nationwide appeal to help break “barbaric and cruel beyond belief” dog-fighting and badger-baiting rings in Scotland.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity has stressed it needs information from the public due to the secretive nature of the crimes.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Dog-fighters and badger-baiters are extremely secretive about their activities and don’t tend to take their dogs out in public as people would be alarmed by their injuries and scars.

“Rather than take their dogs to a vet, they will often be treated at home, which can prolong their agony and lead to infections which are sometimes fatal.

“We have received intelligence that dog-fighting rings are operating in and around the Edinburgh area and badger-baiting is rife throughout the Central belt including the Lothians.”

Those with information are being urged to call the SSPCA’s animal helpline 03000 999 999.