Stag and hen ban: ‘Parties are rowdy but rarely violent’

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Mark Scott, managing director of stag and hen party planners Go Bananas, said they had developed a “torrid reputation” for “supposedly antisocial loutish behaviour”.

“The only problem with attacks on stag and hen groups is that they are misplaced,” he said.

“We frequently get told by a bar or pub that they don’t want stag and hen business, only to receive a telephone call a month or two later asking if they can change their mind.

“The truth about stags and hens is that they may be rowdy, they may be noisy and they may get drunk but they are very rarely violent.

“The solution for the Grassmarket is simple: make yourself more boring.

“There is a reason people visit: it’s fun, noisy and a little brassy. So ‘improve the neighbourhood’: refuse business, pedestrianise the precinct, import some more tartan.

“Never fear: the groups and locals will soon take themselves and their money somewhere else.

“Oh, and by the way: don’t expect a visit from Prince Harry, either!