Star Wars producer to make Eric Liddell sequel

Eric Liddell - sequel to Chariots of Fire to be made. Picture : Comp
Eric Liddell - sequel to Chariots of Fire to be made. Picture : Comp
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The Oscar-winning film that tells the story of devout Edinburgh sprinter Eric Liddell, is to finally get a sequel.

The 1981 low-budget blockbuster finished with the Christian runner defying the odds to win gold at the 1924 Olympics.

However, a new feature, fronted by the producer of the original Star Wars films, will tell the equally extraordinary story of how Liddell spent his final days in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in China.

The Olympic champion and Scottish rugby international was born in China and returned there to work as a missionary after turning his back on his enviable athletics career.

Liddell remains a hero in China and the communist government have given permission for the film and will also fund it.

It will be the first major British and Chinese co-production. Film-makers have so far been banned from operating behind the Bamboo Curtain

Producer Gary Kurtz confirmed the sequel would focus on Liddell’s life and agonising death on Chinese soil.

The Hollywood veteran - who produced the 1977 classic Star Wars and sequel The Empire Strikes Back said : “We are going to be shooting in various places in China. Liddell lived in Tianjin, in the north, and the neighbourhood, the house that he lived in and the camp where foreigners were held are still there”.