Stars out for Filth premiere at Edinburgh Omni

Welsh and McAvoy at the premiere tonight. Pic: Phil Wilkinson
Welsh and McAvoy at the premiere tonight. Pic: Phil Wilkinson
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Hollywood star James McAvoy joined author Irvine Welsh and a host of stars in the Capital tonight for the world premiere of Filth.

The pair were joined by Shauna Macdonald and director Jon Baird for the Omni Centre premiere last night.

Ahead of the event Welsh, who now lives in the US, had taken to Twitter to inform fans he was rather nervous – as his friends and family would all be there.

As starstruck fans screamed at McAvoy from the ground floor, Welsh admitted that despite his nerves he was delighted with the finished film.

Asked how he felt to finally see the novel, first published in 1998, being adapted for film, he said: “I’ve been looking forward to getting this out there.

“There’s been a lot of talented people interested in doing something over the years but for various reasons it never happened.

“It takes a long time to make an independent film, if there’s not just one person writing a cheque or financing it then it can take some time.”

And it seems Filth may not be the last of Welsh’s works to be the given the big screen treatment.

“There’s a lot of interest in a number of the other books, Skagboys, which came out in May is being talked about in Hollywood and there’s been talk of Glue for a while so we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Welsh has often spoken in the past about his support for Scottish Independence, and asked whether he’d consider returning to cast his vote in next year’s referendum, he said: “Yeah I’ve thought about coming back but not just to vote in the independence referendum. I often think about moving back.”

For years Filth has been described as “unfilmable” and there have been suggestions even from the film’s leading man McAvoy that its dark subject matter could lead to some cinema-goers walking out.

To this Welsh responded: “That’ll just be me after the deep fried Mars bar I’ve had from Cafe Piccante, I’m not used to that heavy grease ­anymore.”

Filth stars McAvoy as a corrupt policeman, Bruce Robertson, who will stop at nothing to win back his wife and get a promotion. As Robertson tries to turn his colleagues against one another he starts to lose himself in a web of deceit he cannot control.

McAvoy has called it “the biggest risk of his career” due to the nature of the character and his numerous exploits.

He said: “Irvine’s novel and this film are both bold and brash and are not afraid to be controversial or offensive.

“Cinema-goers want to be taken on an adventure from comedy to pathos to shock to horror and this film does that.

“I’m proud that we got this film made because it’s a monument to Irvine and his unique view of Edinburgh and ­Scotland.”

It has taken Welsh and director Jon S Baird five years to bring the project to fruition following initial discussions.

Baird said: “Bruce is such a complex character. He is all over the place.

“Hopefully the audience will have a huge range of emotions when they watch it.

“We wanted to keep an energy with the editing which was relentless and didn’t let up. We wanted it to be an assault on the senses.”

The film was shot in both the Capital and Glasgow and features a star-studded cast including Jamie Bell, John Sessions, Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots, Shirley Henderson and Martin Compston.

Also in attendance at last night’s world premiere were former Hibs player Mickey Weir, Rangers star Ian Murray, Pat Stanton and Capital boxer Alex Arthur.

Filth opens for general release this Friday.