Statutory repairs ‘horror’ reports to be published

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THE full extent of the statutory repairs scandal is set to be laid bare today, when two long-awaited reports are published.

Independent auditor Deloitte has been preparing two 
documents investigating questionable practices within the council’s property conservation and property care departments, with the findings expected to be made public.

The reports are expected to be heavily redacted to safeguard ongoing legal proceedings relating to allegations of bribery, overcharging and poor-quality work arising from statutory repairs.

The property repair scheme involves contractors carrying out communal repairs without the consent of homeowners, who are then billed for it.

Gordon Murdie, of quantity surveyor Quantus, which represents more than 200 clients affected by the controversy, said: “This is an overdue move towards openness and 

“We have just been seeing the trailer for the horror movie yet to come.”