Steak restaurant has a lot on its plate

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THE artery-clogging challenge is expanding on the TV series Man v Food, in which Adam Richman travels across the US to explore the “big food” of one city per episode. His top eating conquests included:

n The Greek Gutbuster: Richman travels to Cleveland for a Greek gyro bursting with savoury beef, a spicy sausage sandwich and a 5lb grilled cheese challenge.

n Oyster Overload: Adam visits Alabama to guide former record holder “Big” Joe Evans through the Wintzell’s Oyster House Challenge to regain his crown by eating more than 422 oysters in one hour.

n The World’s Biggest Burrito: In Denver he engages in a showdown with the biggest burrito in the west – seven potatoes, a pound of ham, 12 eggs, a whole onion, cheese and chili.