Steve adds experience
at Gillespie

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A LEGAL firm in the Capital has appointed a new associate in its litigation and dispute resolution department.

Steven Jansch, an experienced solicitor advocate, has joined Gillespie Macandrew, which is based in Atholl
Crescent Lane.

He said: “Businesses and individuals are facing challenging times, with banks, largely, remaining inflexible and pressure on cash flow a major concern in a raft of sectors. For example, I am dealing with cases where mid-landlords are being caught between tenants and head landlords over a range of issues, with many disputes arising due to, ultimately, cash shortages.”

Head of the department, Gordon Innes, said: “We are very pleased to recruit someone with Steven’s skills. We are handling an ever-increasing volume of work in this department, and his knowledge and experience will be a valuable addition to the team.”