Student forces pal to down 100 cups of murky water in door handle prank

Kenny Cowie with the glasses of murky water
Kenny Cowie with the glasses of murky water
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A PRANK which saw a student down 100 glasses of filthy water has become an internet sensation.

Madcap Chris Stone was forced to drink the murky mix as punishment for covering pal Kenny Cowie’s room door with toothpaste.

Now photos of the bizarre incident have become a Facebook sensation, with nearly 70,000 people liking the stomach-churning incident in just a couple of days.

Last night, one pal of the pair, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s amazing how this has taken off.”

The unsavoury incident unfolded when Chris, 19, who studies sport and exercise science at Edinburgh Napier University, daubed toothpaste on the door of Kenny’s student digs.

As revenge, Kenny removed the door handle to Chris’s room, and its screws, and hid the bolts in 100 cups of dirty water.

Chris was then given instructions on Facebook that he would have to drink every cup in exchange for a clue on where the handle was hidden.

The cups had been filled with the water used to clean the toothpaste off Kenny’s door.

Kenny wrote on Facebook: “As you can see . . I have taken your door handle and the four screws to hold it on the door.

“Following this I took the water which we used to clean the toothpaste off my door and filled some of the cups with it. In several of these cups are hidden the four screws.”

Kenny revealed just how much he wanted his pal to suffer in the lines that came next.

“My game to you is you must drink EVERY cup of water/toothpaste to then find the four screws. You may be thinking you can just empty them out and find the screws that way rather than drinking them. However unless you actually drink them ALL, I will not give you the clue as to where your door handle is hidden.

“The choice is yours Chris . . . Stay locked out. Or drink it all.”

Chris accepted the challenge and drank the water, suffering excruciating stomach ache as a result.

He posted: “So I did drink them all. I’m now back in my room but my stomach felt like it was going to explode.”

The prank has since taken Facebook by storm, with the picture appearing on the popular link-sharing website Reddit, described as “the front page of the internet”.

The pair’s Facebook pages have also been inundated with messages of admiration – and disgust – from friends and relatives.

Michael Stone posted: “Chris, don’t even attempt trying to get revenge on Kenny for this one, you will fail. That cannot be topped. Kenny you legend.”

Megan Elizabeth Dempsey posted to Kenny: “You, my dear Sir, are an evil genius.”

Faradila Azka wrote: “So, Chris Stone, have you got any plan for revenge?”

The pal of the pair said Kenny got his ingenious revenge idea from the Saw series of horror movies, of which he is believed to be a big fan.

The Facebook snap shows Kenny preparing for his revenge.

Our pal of the pair said: “They’re still the best of friends – it was just banter.”