Student loses £9000 after odds-on bet for Celtic win fails

St Johnstone's win left the student out of pocket
St Johnstone's win left the student out of pocket
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AN Edinburgh University student tried to pay for a new motorbike by gambling £9000 of his mother-in-law’s savings on a Celtic win.

But Maurizio Mustapha’s marriage is now said to be on the rocks after his team lost 2-1 to St Johnstone last weekend in a shock defeat.

The 38-year-old from Corstorphine said: “I’ve ruined my life over a moment of madness. I will never set foot in a bookies again.”

Mr Mustapha had decided to buy a scooter because he could no longer afford parking costs for his car.

He believed £2500 would be enough to get one on a classified ads website and cleaned out an RBS savings account, even though £10,000 of the cash belonged to his mother-in-law and had been placed there while she battled serious illness.

He bet £9000 at 1-3 on a Celtic win and now has to find some way to repay the cash.