Student reveals shock of Innis and Gunn billboard change

When Ruari Kaylor complained to Innis & Gunn about the firm's latest billboard advert glaring into his bedroom, he never would have expected what happened next.

Tuesday, 28th November 2017, 7:46 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:23 pm
Ruari Kaylor complained on social media about a new Innis & Gunn billboard shining into his room and keeping him awake at night.
Ruari Kaylor complained on social media about a new Innis & Gunn billboard shining into his room and keeping him awake at night.

An illuminated billboard on Leith Walk displaying Innis & Gunn’s advert talking of “unexpected sunshine on Leith”, was bothering the Edinburgh University student as it shines directly into his window.

The 21-year-old turned to social media in order to express his dissatisfaction in light-hearted fashion to the Scottish brewery, tweeting: “Behold the advertising board that lights up my room across the road every night.”

He said: “It was a tongue in cheek comment and not a real complaint. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything back as it was more of a joke than anything.

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“I’ve lived here for three years and the billboard changes all the time with a different advert so I have got used to it with time.

“It is usually turned off around 10pm but you get a range of colours coming into my room before then which can be annoying.”

Innis & Gunn responded to Ruari’s complaint with: “Oops! We can change it to ‘Unexpected Sunshine in Ruari’s Room’ if you want…”

However, the student was left stunned when he looked up to see those very words on the billboard after the advert had been altered just hours later.

The company also sent Ruari some beers and a pair of sunglasses by way of apology.

Innis & Gunn tweeted after the change: “So we celebrated a sunny day in Edinburgh yesterday with a nice poster, but we didn’t realise the impact on locals.

“@RuariKaylor told us about the light in his room, so we changed it up a bit... Sunglasses, 4 lagers and a new poster later, we’re all sorted.”

The environmental resource management student from Perth said: “I got a direct message asking when I was going to be in and I was met with two representatives from Innis & Gunn who provided me with some free beers and sunglasses.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the new poster.

“The representatives didn’t even tell me. I looked up and it had changed.”

Members of the public were quick to appreciate the humour of Innis & Gunn on social media following the exchanges on Twitter.

Ruari added: “I’m very happy with the outcome. It was a nice surprise. The sunglasses I thought were a funny gift.

“My Twitter was none stop with constant likes and retweets. It has just been surreal.

“I never expected anything to come from the tweet at all. It was purely a laugh and people got on board with it on social media.”

Dougal Gunn Sharp, Innis & Gunn founder and Master Brewer said: “We celebrated a snippet of Edinburgh sunshine last week with one of our reactive posters, but we had no idea we’d shine so brightly for our friend Ruari.

“As soon as he let us know how brightly it shone in his window, we had to help.

“He was such a good sport about it and we’re glad to see that the sun continues to shine on Leith!”