Students get chance to teach Gaelic

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A GROUP of Scottish Gaelic trainees at Newbattle Abbey College are being given the chance to teach as part of their studies to become Gaelic tutors on the Ùlpan programme.

Trainees will undergo an intensive two-day training course in Glasgow on Saturday and Sunday and will then teach under supervision at the college for five days.

During these five days at the college, the trainees’ skills will be assessed and it is hoped, by the end, they will all pass and become accredited tutors.

The classes will start next Monday, and aim to teach the language to people with no previous knowledge of Gaelic, or people with a little Gaelic.

Student recruitment officer at Ùlpan, Adhamh O Broin, said: “Newbattle is very much the place to be right now for all things Celtic, and our Scottish Gaelic beginners’ course fits in perfectly with the college’s wider interest in Scottish language and culture.”