Students get to redefine ‘veg out’

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STUDENTS from Jewel & Esk College in Edinburgh have teamed up with a farm in the Scottish Borders to sell bags of organic vegetables on campus.

The produce comes fresh from the Whitmuir Organics, near West Linton, and the students make a small profit from the sale of each bag which will be reinvested into engagement activities.

Business is booming, with an average of 40 bags pre-ordered every week.

Bob Montgomery, bridging course leader at Jewel & Esk, said: “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage students with their learning and also offer them the chance to try new things.

“The response has been fantastic so far and the students’ confidence has really been boosted by the success of the project so far.”

Both Jewel & Esk and Whitmuir hope to continue to develop and expand their partnership throughout 2012.