Students use biscuits in fashion show costume

Kat Murray's cartoon granny. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
Kat Murray's cartoon granny. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
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An elderly lady covered in biscuits and a futuristic outfit with electric lights bursting out from it were among the dazzling costumes at Edinburgh College of Art’s fashion show last night.

The sell-out audience at the opening night at McEwen Hall was wowed by an eclectic array of creations by students of fashion, performance costume and textiles.

Final year student Kat Murray, 23, took inspiration from visits to grandmother Jean in Mortonhall to create a cartoon-like character.

The model’s trousers were quilted like an old fashioned blanket, liquorice allsorts were sewn into her net-curtain shawl, and a hump on her back was covered in specially-sewn Kit-Kats, custard creams and Tunnock’s tea cakes.

She said: “It’s based on a meeting with my grandma. The conversation was organised around tea and biscuits. The idea was to condense the whole conversation into one costume.”

Among Miss Murray’s other designs was an elaborate pigeon outfit, created after she interviewed Edinburgh locals about their views on the 

The pigeon’s tap-dancing scene was one of the more surreal elements of last night’s show.

Meanwhile 22-year-old Emily Beaney’s two creations aimed to raise awareness about epilepsy.

Miss Beaney, who suffers from the condition herself, used lights of different shapes and sizes to signify the electric activity in the brain.

She said: “I wanted to raise awareness and show the different seizure types.”

A 21-strong army of aliens and stripy dresses inspired by women in horror movies were just some of the many other designs on the stage.

Megan Baker, programme director for performance costume, and Mal Birkinshaw, director of fashion, said they were proud of their students.

Mr Birkinshaw said it was “quite an achievement” that the college of art will be the only Scottish higher education institute to exhibit at the annual Graduate Fashion Week in London this summer.

He added: “This is where we make sure it’s all in place, looking beautiful.”

Tickets are still available for the ECA Fashion Show tonight and tomorrow, at £12 each.