Susan Boyle in row with brother over stage show

Susan Boyle is to deliver the grand finale at brother Gerry's show in Blackpool. Picture: Jane Barlow
Susan Boyle is to deliver the grand finale at brother Gerry's show in Blackpool. Picture: Jane Barlow
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Susan Boyle’s outraged management are embroiled in a row with the star’s brother over her role in a stage show next month.

The 52-year-old worldwide star is due to deliver the grand finale at a variety show run by brother Gerry in Blackpool.

But her record label bosses have taken offence at the songstress being promoted as a star of the Instant World Variety Gala.

The showcase – at the Blackpool Opera House – will feature acts scheduled to appear at the relaunch of Edinburgh’s former Odeon on Clerk Street.

The star’s brother is driving the re-opening of the mothballed cinema as an entertainment complex, and wanted to use the Blackpool show as a dry run for the Capital.

SuBo’s management, however, have insisted next month’s show is not a Susan Boyle concert, stressing the Britain’s Got Talent star would only appear at the end of the performance to sing two songs.

Tickets have been sold to the event under the official tagline “Instant World Variety Gala with Special Guest Susan Boyle”.

A spokeswoman said the I Dreamed a Dream millionaire’s management wanted to “clarify the situation” due to mounting confusion over her “guest appearance.. in Blackpool”.

She said: “Susan Boyle was approached by her brother Gerry to make a ‘guest appearance’ in his Blackpool Instant Variety Show in September 2013.

“She will be performing no more than two songs as a guest at the end.

“This is categorically NOT a Susan Boyle show, it is not part of the phenomenally successful live tour she just completed in Scotland, nor should people associate the two.

“Neither Andy Stephens Management nor Syco/Sony Music are involved or associated with this strictly one-off appearance.”

The Blackburn born star had been due to perform at the refurbished Odeon on August 11 under plans to relaunch the disused cinema. The opening date has now been delayed, with a wrangle over the lease agreement for the building having held up plans.

Mr Boyle said his sister’s manager Andy Stephens and Syco had simply got their “knickers in a twist” over the Blackpool show.

He said: “We made it clear to them a year ago that this show wasn’t about Susan Boyle.

“We’ve been at great pains to talk to people who have asked for tickets and people who say they’re coming to the show to say this is a variety show. It contains Roy Walker, Billy Hunter – there’s quite a few other acts on there that’ll be very enjoyable to watch.

“Susan will be singing at the end of it.

“I’m not sure what their game plan is. They’re trying to distance themselves from it when they weren’t really involved in it in the first place.

“I was asked if there’s a rift between me and Susan. Of course not – that’s nonsense. Susan phones me every day.”

Mr Boyle also claimed his sister’s management team had prevented her from performing on a charity album with other members of the Boyle family.

The Blackpool show running on September 8 has been organised under a partnership between Mr Boyle and 
Blackpool promoter Tony Jo.