Sweat delays millionaire’s ‘forced abortion’ trial

Perth Sheriff Court. Pic: Ian Rutherford
Perth Sheriff Court. Pic: Ian Rutherford
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THE trial of a multi-millionaire accused of trying to force a woman to abort an unborn baby has been delayed after the sheriff was told he was suffering from a medical condition that made him sweat profusely.

Mark Emlick, 51, was due to go on trial next month in connection with the charge of attempting to force a woman to undergo an abortion.

But his solicitor told a court yesterday that Emlick – who lives in Dean Village – would not be in a position to give evidence at the trial because of a medical condition.

Fiscal depute Jim Eodanable opposed the defence motion to postpone the trial and said the Crown was not happy with the reasons outlined in Emlick’s medical certificate.

“The Crown is not content with its contents,” Mr Eodanable said.

“It seems that this is due to his sweatiness and nervousness and suchlike. My suggestion is that the doctor should be called to court to explain the content of the letter.”

Emlick’s solicitor said: “The letter is specific enough as regards the medical condition of Mr Emlick. It makes reference to anxiety, low mood, low self confidence, and a type of post traumatic stress.

“He is not fit to attend today’s hearing,” he told Perth Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Michael Fletcher agreed to put the trial off from January 5 and it will now take place in April next year.

The trial was postponed on a previous occasion because the baby had been born prematurely and the mother had undergone surgery which meant she was unable to attend court.

Special bail conditions exist which prohibit Emlick from entering Dunfermline and from approaching the 

Property investor Emlick, of Sunbury Street, is alleged to have behaved in a threatening or abusive manner at an address in Kinross on February 8 this year.

It is alleged that he acted in a manner likely to cause fear and alarm to a reasonable person by threatening the woman and trying to force her to abort a baby.

It is alleged that his actions placed her in a state of fear and alarm by threatening to “make her life a misery.” Emlick denies the charge.

According to his own web profile, Emlick “has accrued over 25 years’ worth of experience in both private and corporate financial advisory sectors, in addition to property portfolio acquisition and management.”

He set up Edinburgh-based Dunedin Independent plc and helped the company become one of the country’s largest private financial advisory firms with over £350 million under management.

It is understood he sold that firm to a Zurich-based company in 2010 for a sum in the region of £4m. He then helped to found Consensus Capital plc, where he is currently listed as the chief executive, and was co-founder and chairman of Strategic Investment Management Ltd.

Consensus Capital plc was launched in 2010 and is a specialist real estate and private equity and asset management company.

The company currently boasts that it is managing a combined real estate and private equity portfolio in excess of £200m.

Last year, the company announced that it was launching a £50m fund to convert offices into social housing.

The Edinburgh-based investment firm, launched by Emlick in 2010, is aiming to work on 25 developments over the next two years, providing about 1200 homes.