TA recruits parade at barracks after finishing training course

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Territorial Army recruits have “passed out” at a ceremony at the Redford Infantry Barracks in the Capital. The squad of 150 have become Phase One reservists after completing a five-week training course and paraded yesterday in front of family and friends.

The recruits completed their basic training in both mental and practical military skills. They were taught first aid, navigation, how to live out in the field and how to fire a military rifle.

Major Ruairi Fitzpatrick, of the army training unit said: “The recruits took part in military skills training which concentrated on key soldiering skills such as fitness, handling and firing a weapon, foot drill, first aid, navigation, and living in the field.

“It was all about learning by doing, so the recruits took part in a number of tasks that tested them in realistic conditions. It was hard work, but they worked as part of a team.”

More people are being recruited to the TA as part of the restructured armed forces that will see the regular army cut from 102,000 to 82,000 and reservists doubled to 30,000.