'˜Take your rubbish and dump it at City Chambers'

OUR mailbag and inbox has been inundated with comments on the state of the city's streets since we told last week how the number of complaints over bin collection had soared.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 6:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st September 2016, 7:04 pm
Overflowing rubbish bins

Here’s just a few of those letters. Please share your own views.

We are still in the EU, so why don’t we take a positive lead from the French?

Confronted by rubbish - no, not letters to the press to be replied to by our city officials using carefully prepared replies - we know what the citizens of Paris would do, take action, and very easy too!

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Overflowing bins

Take continuous visits to the High Street to the Council Square and deposit all the rubbish and waste one may carry in front of the decision makers.

As the excellent once Lord Provost Eric Milligan says on another subject relating to nimbysim, rubbish is wrecking our Capital. Act now!

Tom Reilly, Esslemont Road, Edinburgh

I very much agree with Mike Saunders and Ronnie Arthur about the state of our beautiful city. It is an embarrassment (Letters, August 31).

Overflowing bins

The litter, the potholes, the uneven, dangerous pavements, the dirty chewing gum in Princes Street and the appalling appearance of railings bordering roads and some roundabouts which are supposed to be white are now covered in rust.

Princes Street in the past was attractive with lots of different shops. Now there are 12 mobile phone shops and many jewellery shops and cheap hotels. Weeds grow in gutters in the suburbs and between the edge of pavements and kerbs.

I do know the reason is lack of money from the Scottish Government to the councils, but both administrations must scrutinise their priorities and think about the people who live here and less about the tourists so that the citizens of Edinburgh can once again be proud of our city.

Joan Wightman, Kingsknowe Road South, Edinburgh

I think the City of Edinburgh Council have a cunning plan. Wait for the rubbish to fill all the potholes in our streets, then empty the bins. Problem solved.

Dougie Cameron , Calder View, Edinburgh