Tasty treats in store for bears on Hallowe’en

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From pumpkins to spooky coconuts, sun bears at Edinburgh Zoo will have plenty of treats in store this Hallowe’en.

Keepers have prepared some Hallowe’en-themed fun for brothers Somnang and Rotana.

Senior carnivore keeper Sharon Hatton said: “We’ve taken inspiration from Hallowe’en and carved some special bear-friendly pumpkins stuffed full of honey and peanuts. Somnang and Rotana love honey and their excellent sense of smell and long tongues are ideal for seeking it out.

“We’ve also hung up coconut bars, which make great enrichment for our bears.

“These bears are very strong and playful, and they can be quite destructive, so we are constantly finding new sources to keep them entertained and stimulated.”

Sun bears are the smallest members of the bear family and can be found in the tropical rainforests of South East Asia.

Rotana and Somnang were victims of the illegal pet trade but were rescued by the charity Free the Bears in 2004.

The food was donated by Sainsbury’s at Murrayfield.