Teenager found hanging fell from ladder

The boy was found with his neck tangled in rope at his home in The Murrays. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
The boy was found with his neck tangled in rope at his home in The Murrays. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
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A TEENAGE boy found hanging in his garage had fallen from a ladder while collecting kit for a school trip.

The 13-year-old was discovered by his younger sister with his neck tangled in rope following a freak accident at the family home in The Murrays, Gilmerton.

He remains in a serious condition at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary but his grandmother said he was “going to be OK” and is breathing on his own.

Doctors at the hospital are waiting to assess whether the boy has suffered any brain injuries while being starved of oxygen for up to ten minutes.

His sister – who saved the boy’s life when she found him and raised the alarm – said he was using a ladder to retrieve some wire stored on a garage shelf which he needed for a school trip. It is understood he slipped on the ladder while over-reaching and became caught in a rope on Sunday afternoon.

His sister said she believes he may have been hanging in the garage for between “five and ten minutes” when she found him.

It is believed the family thought the boy had gone to visit his grandmother’s house nearby when he disappeared into the garage.

Two doctors who live next door to the family rushed to treat the teen while an ambulance was called.

The boy’s parents have been keeping vigil at their son’s hospital bedside since the garage accident.

The boy’s grandmother said: “He is going to be OK. He will be fine. It was an accident and he is getting better.”

The 13-year-old’s sister explained the unusual circumstances behind the incident.

“He was standing on a small ladder and reaching up to get some wire for his school trip.

“He fell and the rope became tangled round his neck.

“It wasn’t tight when I found him, it was a bit loose.

“I think he had been there for about five to ten minutes. The doctors from next door came to help him. His lungs are working so he can breathe.

“Now the doctors need to check if he has any injury to his brain.”

A neighbour, who declined to be identified, said: “The house next door has two doctors in and it was about lunchtime on Sunday when I had my grandchildren over and my husband said something had happened.

“I just thought ‘It’s Father’s Day they’re celebrating’.

“It was all the men outside but it was only later in the evening that one of the other neighbours said there had been an ­accident.

“The two doctors were speaking to most of the family. The grandmother lives nearby.

“They are a close-knit family and quite private, but they’ve been here 12 to 13 years because he was just a baby when they moved in.

“Everyone’s thinking about them.”

Police said inquiries into the incident were continuing but there were no suspicious ­circumstances.