Teenager hit by booze ban

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A TEENAGER has been hit with an Asbo banning him from drinking alcohol in any public place in East Lothian under threat of arrest.

John Reid, 17, of Fishers Road, Port Seton, was given the interim antisocial behaviour order following a court application by council chiefs.

Complaints about Reid’s behaviour date back to November 2011, and include convictions for breach of the peace, racially aggravated harassment and vandalism.

The Asbo also bans Reid from acting in an 
antisocial manner or behaving in a threatening, aggressive or verbally abusive manner towards any other person in East Lothian, and from throwing objects at other persons or property.

An East Lothian Council spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately, Mr Reid’s behaviour has caused considerable distress to neighbours and others within his community.

“Despite repeated warnings and the signing of an acceptable behaviour agreement he failed to modify his behaviour to a socially acceptable level.”