Teenager to be God in computer game Curiosity

Bryan Henderson. Picture: Jane Barlow
Bryan Henderson. Picture: Jane Barlow
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For centuries mankind has been searching for God – now we can reveal his name’s Bryan and he’s a teenager from Wester Hailes.

Bryan Henderson, 18, has become the Messiah – winning the chance to play God in a new computer game after beating millions to win the hit online puzzle game “Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube?”.

And some of the tens of thousands of gamers who have been tapping away at the game for months on end may indeed feel that he is a very naughty boy, after winning the mystery prize at the centre of the cube only one hour after signing up.

Gamers all over the world have been literally chipping away at the virtual cube, which is made up of 25 billion smaller “cubelets”, since November last year, attempting to discover what lay in the centre cube.

After getting there first, Bryan, who is currently working as an intern at an Edinburgh student newspaper, could now stand to make a pretty penny from his new position as God of the virtual world of the game Godus.

At his home in Wester Hailes however, the new Almighty seemed rather overwhelmed by his new found power. Bryan said: “I really can’t describe how I felt when I realised I had won. To be honest it still hasn’t sunk in.”

He will now serve as a deity in the soon-to-be-released game and is encouraged to look on the bright side of life, by the fact that not only will he be the one making the rules for thousands of users, but he will also receive a portion of the profits every time someone buys the game.

He said: “Obviously I’m really hoping it will be a success because I could end up making a lot of money – perhaps I won’t even have to work.

“But to be honest, even if it just ends up with making me a bit of spare cash I’m completely fine with that.

“It’s quite funny because my parents have told me off in the past for sitting in my room playing computer games, but they’re rather thrilled about this.”

And it looks like Bryan will be taking more than seven days to create his world.

He said: “I’ve had lots of suggestions for rules but I haven’t decided on any of my own yet, I want to give it some proper thought.”

Despite swooping in at the last minute to claim his prize, Bryan said reaction to his win has been mainly positive.

“There’s been the odd bitter comment but most people have said they’re really pleased.”

Name behind the world hit

The man behind Godus and Curiosity is games designer Peter Molyneux OBE, the man who made his name – and a small fortune – with the original “God simulator” Populous.

That game was played by more than four million people worldwide, and thanks to Curiosity, Molyneux has already built up a substantial audience for his latest creation.

He said: “Godus is set in a world where players can either chose to be very nurturing and caring, or can approach the game from a darker angle. Bryan will be able to decide which actions should be rewarded.

“We’re very happy to award the prize to Bryan and we consider it lucky that our winner is someone who takes such an interest in gaming.”