Teenagers get stuck on island twice

fresh warnings have been issued about the dangers of getting stranded on Cramond Island after it emerged that two girls had to be rescued from the island twice in the space of just four days.

The girls, who were aged around 13, were rescued once when they were on the island on their own after being spotted by an RNLI crew during a training exercise, and a second time when they were back on the island just days later with two adults.

Forth Coastguard said that Queensferry RNLI was the busiest in the area solely because of call-outs to Cramond Island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway only uncovered at low tide.

The double rescue took place this summer. On the first occasion, on July 21, the two girls were spotted by members of the South Queensferry lifeboat crew who were on exercise nearby. Then, on July 24, Forth Coastguard received a 999 call to the island to rescue the two girls again, plus two adults.