Teenagers run into burning house to rescue boy aged 4

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THREE young boys ran into a burning building to save a four-year-old boy.

Paul Rankin, 14, and 13-year-olds Connor McColl and Peter Shoal were playing near the house in Mayfield Drive, Armadale, when they spotted the flames and rushed inside and rescued little Tyler Pollock.

Neighbours praised the boys’ bravery in rushing into the house and carrying Tyler to safety as smoke poured out of the windows.

The boys, one of whom suffered burns to his leg, were both taken to hospital, along with Tyler and his mother, who had also been in the house.

James Black, who lives next door, said: “The boys were just passing the house when they heard screams from inside. I’ve got a CCTV system on my front door and I heard the commotion through that. The mum ran out of the house to her mum’s down the road and left the youngster inside to get help.

“Basically the boys have run down the drive, through the front door and gone upstairs to the bedroom. They have grabbed the boy brought him down and tried to put the fire out by throwing water on it, which was very brave.”

Mr Black said he then ran upstairs to make sure the fire was out but found the bedroom still smouldering. The walls were all charred and the mattresses all burned.”

Back outside, he said the boys handed the youngster to his mum’s parents and he appeared unharmed. “I would say they are very brave lads, good lads indeed to be just 13 and 14 and do something like that is very brave indeed.

“The wee boy was fine, he wasn’t harmed and he was handed over to his grandma and grandad.”

Paul said: “We were playing in a park at the back of this house when we saw light flashing in the window.

“Conor said he thought there was a fire in the upstairs room. We ran to the house and the wee boy was on the stairs but he was trying to go back up to get something. His mum was just behind him. I helped the wee boy down the stairs while Peter and Connor ran up to try to put the fire out.

“I held my jumper over my nose because there was so much smoke.”

Tyler’s grandmother, Catherine Pollock, 45, who lives just a few doors away, said she had run to the house after the fie broke out.

She said: “I was at the gate, there were other people standing round. I told the boys not to go in, but I looked away and they must have just run in. They were trying to help. It was very brave of them to help.” I took my daughter and Tyler to hospital but they are fine.”