The best places in Scotland to watch the eclipse

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A SOLAR eclipse will draw thousands of visitors to Scotland on Friday with the best views of the phenomenon north of the border.

It is expected that the eclipse will block out the sun’s light over Scotland from around 9.30am on March 20 and will last around three minutes.

The partial solar eclipse will be visible at 9.30am on Friday. Pic: David Moir

The partial solar eclipse will be visible at 9.30am on Friday. Pic: David Moir

Here are the top seven places to view the event in Scotland.

1. At the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory at Dalmellington, Ayrshire, a special event will be held at 8am, visitors will be able to view the eclipse through a special solar scope.

2. In Edinburgh stargazers can view the phenomenon from outside the Scottish Parliament where an event is planned in partnership with the Astronomy Society of Edinburgh. Hundreds of pairs of special eclipse glasses will be distributed to members of the public outside Holyrood.

3. Also in Edinburgh, Camera Obscura & World of Illusions on the Royal Mile is offering a vantage point with a special early opening. The attraction, which usually opens at 10am, will start welcoming visitors from 8.30am. Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe the eclipse on the camera obscura viewing table, which it is believed was invented over two millennia ago for safely observing solar eclipses.

4. Sumburgh Lighthouse, at the southern tip of the Shetlands, will be live-streaming images of the cosmic event.

5. In Aberdeen Torry Battery is recommended as the best place for viewing with its views of the harbour and North Sea.

6. Coats Observatory, Paisley will have an eclipse viewing from 8.30am to 11am where you can safely view the sun through the solar telescopes.

7. The Isle of Lewis close to Aird Uig is the best place in Scotland to view the eclipse - 98 per cent of the sun will be blocked leaving just a small crescent of the sun visible.