The Queen in Edinburgh: Queue to see Queen's coffin at St Giles' Cathedral now closed

The queue of people waiting to see the Queen’s coffin in Edinburgh has now closed, with people urged not to join.

Thousands of people have been queuing to enter St Giles’ Cathedral since yesterday morning, with more than 26,000 people already having had the chance to pay their respects inside the famous Royal Mile building.

It is hoped that all those currently in the line will be able to enter before 3pm.

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The Scottish Government said: “The queue at St Giles’ has now closed. Please do not attempt to join the queue.

Members of the public queueing to pay their respects to the Queen as she lies at rest at St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh. Picture: Jacob King/PA Wire

"Over 26,000 have already had a chance to pay their last respects.

"We’re doing everything we can to ensure that those currently queuing can do so before 3pm, when the Lying at Rest will end.”

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St Giles’ opened to the public at 5pm yesterday, following a procession up a Royal Mile.

People queued through the night, with some having waited as long as seven hours for their chance to see the Queen’s coffin.

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It is set to be transported to Edinburgh Airport at 4.30pm today from where it will be flown to London.