Theresa Riggi ‘not fit to give evidence’

Theresa Riggi
Theresa Riggi
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KILLER mum Theresa Riggi may never be fit to give evidence against a woman who is accused of slashing her with a razor blade in Scotland’s only all-female prison, a court has been told.

The trial of Angela Hamilton, who is alleged to have disfigured Riggi for life by slashing her face with the blade at Cornton Vale Prison, was postponed until next year, amid claims Riggi is not fit to give evidence in court.

Prosecutor Isobel Clark told Falkirk Sheriff Court today that two doctors have confirmed Riggi is not fit to give evidence at the moment and for “the foreseeable future”.

She said: “The complainer is at present unwell and there is evidence from two doctors that she is not fit at this moment in time and the foreseeable future to give evidence.”

She asked for a further preliminary hearing to allow the Crown to get a report from the doctors concerned.

Defence agent Murray Aitken said he had not seen any medical reports and asked for his client’s trial, originally set for later this month, to be adjourned.

Mr Aitken said: “The defence suspects that the reason she’s not fit is because of a mental condition.

“I haven’t seen any reports, if they exist.”

Sheriff Craig Caldwell agreed and adjourned the jury trial until January 13 next year, extending the time-bar for the case until January 31.

Hamilton allegedly pulled the child killer’s hair and repeatedly struck her face and head with the razor blade, during an attack in Riggi’s cell, at Cornton Vale Prison, near Stirling, on November 19, 2011.

Riggi, 49, originally from California, United States, who is serving 16 years at the prison after admitting to stabbing her three young children at their home in Slateford Road, had to be rushed to hospital after the attack.

Hamilton, 40, currently a patient in a psychiatric ward at Leverndale Hospital in Glasgow, denies the attack.

Riggi killed her three children, eight-year-old twins Austin and Gianluca, and their sister Cecilia, five, in August 2010, stabbing each of them eight times, in a crime that shocked Scotland.

She then allegedly tried to cover up their deaths with a gas explosion, before trying to kill herself by leaping out of their second-floor flat.