They treated my girl like small fry says furious Fish

Tarra Nowy, daughter of musician Fish
Tarra Nowy, daughter of musician Fish
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VETERAN rocker Fish has railed against organisers of the Scottish Fashion Awards, claiming his model daughter had been “upset” by her treatment at the bash.

The former Marillion frontman ranted on his Facebook page about “chaotic” backstage scenes, delays, and hit out at the treatment of his daughter Tara Nowy and other models as young as 15.

And the singer said his daughter had been kept waiting for hours in freezing air-conditioned rooms with little to eat or drink.

The 21-year-old had been shortlisted in the Model of the Year category alongside Annie Lennox’s daughter Tali, 18, who won the title for the second year running.

Rather than being discourteous in defeat, Fish – aka Derek Dick – said he just “wanted to see his daughter enjoy a life moment and who tonight feels let down by an industry she loves”.

However, awards organisers have hit back, branding him a “bad loser” and claimed his reaction may have done his daughter’s career more “harm than good”.

A stellar line-up graced the red carpet at the awards – hosted by Alexa Chung – on Monday, including fashion journalist and historian Colin McDowell, who was honoured as fashion ambassador 2012.

Fish posted his tirade hours after the awards ended at around 1am yesterday.

He said Tara had accepted the judges’ decision in a “gracious manner” and with “no animosity”, and although she felt “the decision was pre-ordained she was just happy to be considered”.

He added: “It’s all very well bringing big names up to present the awards but it seems the young people who are the future of the Scottish fashion industry are having their enthusiasm taken advantage of for the sake of corporate profit.”

He later said: “. . . I felt tonight I wanted to put my own opinion across as the father of someone who deserved far more from a night she had looked forward to for so very long like so many others out there trying to make a name for themselves in a cold and brutal industry that generates millions for those in control of their fragile dreams.”

Tessa Hartmann, chairman and founder of the awards, said the Midlothian musician was one negative voice out of 2500 who attended the event.

She claimed his complaints were “completely untrue”.

“I think this is the reaction of an over-emotional dad who wanted his wee girl to win and she didn’t and in a couple of days he’ll feel very silly,” she said.

“He’s a dad and he’s over-reacted. I also think it’s a bit silly of him to suggest that the judging was pre-ordained, which just proves that he’s over-reacted and been a bit of a sore loser.

“All the girls in the competition do well because we give them this phenomenal platform. I put Tara’s magnificent face on the cover of our event magazine, which is given out to editors of every top fashion magazine in the UK. People come here from Australia fashion week, New York, Milan, Berlin and Dubai and I think he’s probably done his daughter more harm than good because if this is how she’s going to react – and he’s going to react when something doesn’t go their way – that’s a bit unprofessional.”