Thug armed with knife and rolling pin in flat attack

Sean Hoy stole a TV in the vicious robbery
Sean Hoy stole a TV in the vicious robbery
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A THUG who twice won appeals quashing his conviction for a murder took part in an attack that left the victim covered in blood.

Sean Hoy armed himself with a knife and rolling pin during the assault on Edward Lenyatsa, who sustained multiple wounds.

The victim was left with scars on his face, neck and back and doctors said he suffered potentially life-threatening injuries.

He is now receiving treatment for trauma, has panic attacks and has moved out of the area where he was attacked.

Hoy, 42, was originally charged with attempting to murder Mr Lenyatsa after forcing his way into a flat in Granton Crescent on April 20. But the Crown yesterday accepted his guilty plea to a reduced charge of assault to severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life and robbing him of a TV.

Unemployed Hoy was twice convicted of the murder of David Sproule, 29, outside Skippers pub in West Granton Road in 1995, but won two appeals and a request for a further retrial was refused.

The court heard how Mr Lenyatsa, who had earlier been introduced to Hoy, had returned from work to find his laptop missing.

He was told he would have to pay to secure its return and agreed to hand over £100. But when Hoy arrived with the laptop, Mr Lenyatsa gave him just £50, which was all he had.

Days later Hoy returned with an accomplice and Mr Lenyatsa was pushed into an armchair. He tried to stand up but was punched in the head by Hoy.

Advocate depute Allan Nicol said Hoy continued to hit him, saying “Where's my money? Where's my money”. The intruders began picking up valuables, including a TV. The victim tried to stop them but was repeatedly punched by the pair.

Hoy followed Mr Lenyatsa into the living room and began to strike him on the head with a rolling pin while the other man hit him with a knife.

Mr Lenyatsa managed to knock the rolling pin out of Hoy’s hands but then realised he also had a knife. Mr Nicol said: “Mr Lenyatsa managed to push the accused away until they reached the stairwell, the accused Hoy continuing to stab and punch the witness.”

Anther occupant of the flat returned to find Mr Lenyatsa sitting on the sofa covered in blood. Mr Lenyatsa was taken to hospital for treatment and was found to have a neck wound that was close to the carotid artery.

Lord Pentland told Hoy at the High Court in Edinburgh that it was “an extremely serious matter” and remanded him in custody ahead of sentencing next month.