Thug banned from every pub in East Lothian

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A VIOLENT thug who racked up more than 100 criminal offences has been served with an Asbo banning him from every pub in East Lothian.

Alistair Oliver was given the antisocial behaviour order – which prohibits him from entering all of the county’s pubs – on threat of arrest.

It is believed to be the first time anyone has been banned from pubs in the Lothians under an Asbo.

The 28-year-old convicted drug dealer was described by police as “a persistent offender with an extensive history of disorderly crime throughout East Lothian”.

Council chiefs went to court to seek the interim order against Oliver, of Delta Gardens, Musselburgh, in a bid to protect pub-goers and staff.

Oliver has been charged with 118 offences by police over the years, with many of the crimes involving antisocial behaviour and physical assaults in pubs and other licensed premises.

He has been accused of attacking customers and staff, and he can now be arrested if he sets foot in a bar in the area.

A council spokeswoman said: “The request to seek an interim Asbo banning Mr Oliver from entering any pub in East Lothian is most ­unusual but necessary in order to protect local residents from any further antisocial ­behaviour from Mr Oliver.

“East Lothian Council has a clear policy to investigate complaints of antisocial behaviour and to pursue legal action when appropriate. Mr Oliver’s behaviour has caused considerable alarm and distress to customers and staff at various pubs in the county and the granting of this interim Asbo is a strong message that such behaviour will not be ­tolerated.”

One Musselburgh publican, who asked not to be named, said that Oliver was a known troublemaker, although he was not on the town’s Pub Watch banned list.

Chief Inspector Colin Brown, local area commander for East Lothian, said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe, and improving the ­quality of life for residents in East Lothian.

“We have worked closely with East Lothian Council to help them secure an interim Asbo against Alistair Oliver, whose offending behaviour has caused so much distress to staff and patrons at licensed premises across the county.

“This demonstrates our commitment towards preventing and reducing violence within East Lothian, and we will continue to work alongside our partners in East Lothian and elsewhere to enhance the safety and security of local residents.”