Thug jailed after slashing throat of ex-lover’s new partner at Leith pub

A THUG brutally slit the throat of his ex-lover’s new partner at a Leith Walk pub after threatening he would get “ten times worse” than his murdered father.

Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 8:13 am
Updated Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 8:27 am
The High Court in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin
The High Court in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin

Gary Modiak flew into a rage after learning online that Lynne McGarry was seeing Peter Moyes.

Mr Moyes was in The Mouestrap bar watching a World Cup game with friends last July when Modiak turned up.

The 41-year-old then left his victim for dead after repeatedly striking him on the neck with a craft knife. The attack happened 14 years after Mr Moyes’ father was killed outside another pub in Leith, JJ’s bar in Charlotte Street.

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Weeks before the slashing, Modiak called Mr Moyes stating: “See what happened to your dad? You are going to get ten times worse.”

Modiak was yesterday jailed for seven and a half years after he pled guilty to attempted murder.

A judge heard how Mr Moyes now suffers “nightmares” and is needing therapy following his ordeal.

Lord Arthurson told Modiak the attack was “unprovoked and sustained”.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Modiak and Miss McGarry split in early 2018 after 16 years together.

The break-up was amicable until he learned she was seeing finance services worker Mr Moyes.

Prosecutor Eoghainn Mac-
Lean said: “He became abusive towards her and 
increasingly threatening to Mr Moyes.”

Modiak threatened to “destroy” his ex-lover’s new relationship.

He went on to tell Mr Moyes in a phone call: “You are getting it. I’ll take a jail sentence for you. I’ll do a jail sentence standing on my head. I’ve nothing to lose.”

Modiak demanded to meet up with him. It was then he made the threat about Mr Moyes’s late father.

The court heard Mr Moyes was only ten when his dad was stabbed to death.

Last July 7, Mr Moyes was then in The Mousetrap bar with a friend.

Modiak came in with another man and walked straight up to Mr Moyes.

Mr MacLean said: “He took a knife – similar to a Stanley knife – from his trouser pocket.

“He suddenly slashed it across Mr Moyes’s neck.”

Mr Moyes tried to defend himself, but was struck again a number of times.

Modiak and his friend left leaving Mr Moyes “bleeding profusely”.

The court heard the victim suffered “substantial” wounds to both sides of his neck. He needed emergency surgery and blood transfusions.

Mr Moyes also had nerve damage to parts of his face. He has been left scarred for life.

Mr MacLean said: “Had he not received such immediate medical attention, his life would have been at risk.

“Only good fortune prevented more serious injury.”

The court heard he is now “highly self conscious” and “less confident”.

Mr Moyes is further affected by stress, anxiety and depression.

DNA meanwhile helped link Modiak to the crime. He was also caught on CCTV.

Graeme Brown, defending, said Modiak had found out on social media about his ex seeing another man.

Mr Brown added: “He did not know that Mr Moyes was going to be in that pub.

“He had gone in and Mr Moyes was there by chance.”

Lord Arthurson said the jail-term would have been ten years, but for the plea.

The judge told Modiak: “This attack was unprovoked, sustained and murderous in its nature.”