Thugs force Celtic striker to quit home

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FOOTBALLER Anthony Stokes has admitted picking “a bad spot” to live after thugs targeted his Broxburn home.

The Celtic forward and his pregnant girlfriend have had to leave the luxury property after windows were smashed earlier this month, and that was not the first time his home had been vandalised.

He had remained in the area since playing for Hibs, but said he was now looking forward to moving somewhere safer, it was reported today.

The town is known for being more Rangers-minded, despite being 40 miles from Glasgow.

The Irishman, who said the violence would not force him to leave Celtic, said: “I did not want to come through to Glasgow every day but I probably did pick a bad spot. I did not really do my homewor.

“I was happy there and had a lot of friends from my Hibs days nearby. That was one of the reasons I stayed, but I am glad to be through in Glasgow now.”