Tickety boo hoo under Meanies rule

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PARKING in the Capital was decriminalised in 1998, with the city council introducing its own attendants – the notorious Blue Meanies – to replace police parking wardens.

In November 2002, Scotland’s rugby players were left stunned after a parking attendant slapped their bus with a ticket at the MacDonald Holyrood Hotel (1). Driver Dennis Wells complained, but was told: “If they’re the Scotland rugby team then they can afford to pay it.”

Restaurateur Malcolm Duck led a campaign for reduced parking fines for business owners in 2006 after racking up a ticket a month outside his eatery in the New Town (2).

MS sufferer Frances Hawarden found herself bombarded with parking tickets after leaving her car outside her own home in Merchiston while on holiday and despite having a resident’s permit (3).

And in 2003, a hearse owned by MacKenzie and Millar Funeral Directors was ticketed in Great Junction Street as it waited to go to a funeral (4).