Toddler consumes 15 times safe limit of tranquilliser

Edinburgh Sheriff Court
Edinburgh Sheriff Court
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A TWO-YEAR-OLD’S life was put at risk after the child was allowed to consume more than 15 times the safe amount of a powerful tranquilliser.

Danielle Murray, 20, admitted allowing the toddler access to medication at an address in Midlothian in October last year.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday heard that the alarm was raised after the child’s guardians became concerned for the tot’s welfare as the infant had begun staggering and had pupils like “pin pricks”.

The child would fall forward without making an attempt to stop.

The infant – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was rushed to hospital and examined by medics.

Doctors conducted tests and found the child had consumed 15 times the safe dose for 

The court heard medical staff managed to stabilise the child’s condition and police arrested Murray shortly afterwards.

Murray admitted that she had let the child near a large quantity of medication, but said that the tot must have consumed the tablets when she had not been looking.

It emerged medication and controlled drugs, including amitriptyline, Ibuprofen and temazepam, had been found at the property, as had knives.

Murray, of Bonnyrigg, pleaded guilty to a charge of culpable and reckless conduct which also caused the child’s life to be endangered.

Depute procurator fiscal Isobel Clark told the court that the child’s guardians left the toddler in Murray’s care on the evening of October 12 last year.

During the night, the infant had managed to gain access to medication which had been left around the house, which she had then consumed.

Ms Clark told the court: “The child was also staggering and unstable on its feet.

“Tests were then carried out on the child and it was found that the infant had taken a drug called benzodiazepine.

“Doctors found that the child had taken 15 times more than the normal limit for the drug.”