Tom Kitchin smokes out Star Wars cast

Tom Kitchin - smoke from dish forced evacuation
Tom Kitchin - smoke from dish forced evacuation
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The set of the new Stars Wars film underwent an emergency evacuation after the cast were smoked out by celebrity chef Tom Kitchin

Tom, who has restaurants in Edinburgh at the Shore and Stockbridge was cooking hay-smoked lamb for Steve Jones and Lisa Snowdon, ahead of the live Weekend Kitchen programme

when he filled a neighbouring studio with smoke, forcing the evacuation

But before the Channel 4 show went on air the iconic Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire was thrown into chaos by his smouldering pet-shop cooking props.

A source said: “It was complete bedlam as the fire alarms in the studio went off but we didn’t realise they would automatically set off the alarm system throughout the entire building where other people were filming too.“The whole Pinewood complex was shut down until security had isolated the cause of the problem.

“Everyone from had to go outside and wait until we got clearance to continue filming.

The recipe calls for the chef to add hay and oil to browned lamb “just until the hay starts to smoke” before cooking in the oven.