Top five Evening News stories this week

Mikie Jacobs, far left, and the Gin Goblins. Picture: Comp
Mikie Jacobs, far left, and the Gin Goblins. Picture: Comp
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1. Brett Lodge attacker has murder conviction quashed

Andrew Parfinowski, 18, who was convicted of killing his friend Brett Lodge in a “vicious and sustained” assault has had his murder conviction quashed.

This story obviously caught many readers by surprise when it broke on Tuesday afternoon, with many taking to social media to share it.

2. Tributes as Gin Goblins singer Mikie Jacobs dies

Shocked friends have paid tribute to Gin Goblins singer Mikie Jacobs, a stalwart of the Capital’s punk music scene after his body was found in Holyrood Park.

This was a sad shock for many Edinburgh music fans, who were quick to pay tribute on our story to “a legend”. Do you remember Mikie or the Gin Goblins? Feel free to share your memories on our story.

3. Mum says school golliwog painting offensive

A mother complained a golliwog which features in a historic mural at Wardie Primary was “racist and offensive”.

Is this offensive? Or is it just a memory of a bygone age? Read our story and decide for yourself.

4. Patient slid headfirst off table during surgery

Blundering hospital staff allowed a patient under general anaesthetic to fall from an operating table headfirst while undergoing surgery.

It never makes for easy reading when it casts doubt on the hospital care we would expect to receive, but our online readers clearly didn’t shy away from this big story.

5. Cop quizzes jogger over weighted exercise vest

An apparently armed police officer was caught on camera interrogating a jogger on the street for 15 minutes – for wearing a weighted exercise vest.

The Evening News’ online commenters certainly had strong opinions on this one. But what do you think?