Tory leader talks up calls for bus passenger alert system

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TORIES today backed calls for “talking buses” where an address system alerts passengers to their stops.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said most trains had such a system and pilot schemes had been carried out on buses in Nottingham and London.

She said the initiative, announcing the current stop, next stop and the final destination, would enable blind and partially-sighted people to use buses with confidence, and improve bus travel for all.

Ms Davidson said: “Buses play a vital role in enabling disabled people, including those who are blind or partially-sighted, to live more independent lives.

“But the worry of not being sure if you have got on the right bus, where you are on your journey, or when your stop is coming up puts many people off using them.

“Even if they were only introduced on new vehicles, or as older ones are re-fitted, it would be a great start. I don’t want Scotland to be left behind.”