Tory wants ‘offensive’ independence poster removed

Chewin the Fat comedian Karen Dunbar pulls a face  with a Better Together envelope. Picture: Johnston Press
Chewin the Fat comedian Karen Dunbar pulls a face with a Better Together envelope. Picture: Johnston Press
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A CITY shopkeeper has sparked a political row after putting up “offensive” Yes Campaign posters in his windows.

Graham Muir, 56, put up two posters in his shop and newsagent, Supermarket, on the High Street, last week.

One is a popular Independence campaign poster which simply asks people You Yes Yet?’ – while next to it is a poster showing comedian Karen Dunbar, from the hit series Chewin the Fat, sniffing an envelope with the Better Together campaign logo and her famous catchphrase from the show, “I smell sh**e”. Conservative councillor for the Forth ward, Allan Jackson, said he went into the shop to ask for the “nasty” posters to be removed.

“I was walking up the High Street to the City Chambers and I was surprised to see the posters up which I would consider offensive irrespective of which campaign they came from,” he explained.

“I assume the Yes Campaign will contact them and ask for the posters to be removed.”

However, Mr Muir said he had agreed to put the posters up after a request from a customer and would not remove them unless the council asked him to.

“These posters were generated by some of my customers and someone came in last Friday and asked to put them up,” he explained.

“Folk find them funny – I have not had anyone complain about it.” He added: “I have no plan to take them down – these images are available on the net as well to look at – they are in international magazines.”

Although he was not there at the time, Mr Muir also denied that Cllr Jackson had called into the shop, saying he had CCTV cameras which are “very good at catching out liars”.

A Better Together spokesperson said the “negativity” in the posters was the reason the Yes campaign was failing to draw in voters.

The spokesman said: “It’s good to see that the nationalists are as positive as always.

“Maybe their constant negativity is the reason Alex Salmond’s campaign is so far behind in the polls.”

When asked for a comment a spokesperson for Yes Scotland said: “Neither of these posters has anything to do with Yes Scotland.”

The council said the issue was a Police Scotland matter.