'Totally unacceptable. She has to go' - Edinburgh reacts to vice finance chief's £1.5k taxi bill

A councillor who claimed almost £1,500 in taxi fares on her expenses has been told to quit her post by angry Evening News readers.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 10:32 am
Updated Friday, 27th September 2019, 11:32 am
Lezley Cameron, who racked up a 1,500 taxi bill she claimed for on expenses

Readers were reacting on social media to the revelation that Councillor Lezley Cameron, who is the vice convener of the finance committee at the City of Edinburgh Council, had expensed taxi trips including those to the pub and to a party political event.

The Labour councillor, who has been selected to fight the next general election for the Edinburgh Pentlands constituency, was slammed for the claims.

Several readers took to social media to call on Cllr Cameron to quit her post, with one stating: "Totally unacceptable. She has to go."

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John Gailey also criticised the councillor, saying: "If the vice convener of finance thinks that a trip to the pub is good use of public funds then it just shows what a shambles local government has become.

"People used to stand for the council as an act of public service, not because it offers a cosy work free career with the opportunity to skim cash."

Jen Swan added: "If anyone else is running late and needs to get a taxi to work, it comes out of their own pocket. Why isn't it the same for councillors?"

Stuart Allan also called for Cllr Cameron to be sacked and said: "Who do these people think they are?"

On Facebook, Kathleen Smith said: "I am sick and tired of hearing about how they can justify their expenses, when they are cutting services right and left, get the bus like any other human being."

Phil Alexander added: "No wonder Edinburgh is in the financial state when these people can use taxis as if it was a chauffeured car."

Another reader, Harry Woodward, said voters should remember this at the next election and called for her deselection as a Labour candidate.

He said: "I hope her constituents remember this when the next council elections come up, mind you, Labour Party should deselect her"