Arrest warning over Edinburgh tram stop sex craze

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OPEN to the elements, damp and cold: it’s the most unlikely of spots for a romantic liaison.

But it seems Edinburgh’s currently windswept but unused tram stops are providing the perfect setting for frisky couples desperate to “christen them” before the £776 million line goes live.

Those enjoying some al fresco liaisons at tram shelters have been warned they face being arrested for indecency. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Those enjoying some al fresco liaisons at tram shelters have been warned they face being arrested for indecency. Picture: Ian Georgeson

A number of adverts have been posted online from people keen to enjoy an illicit sexual liaison – or a “bunk-up” – at one of the curved glass shelters.

But outdoor romantics keen to partake in a spot of public canoodling at the stops have been warned they risk being arrested for indecency.

It is not believed anyone has been caught in flagrante – so far.

But a quick trawl of the web this week revealed a number of posts online from frisky sorts desperate to meet at locations such as the “RBS/Gyle” platform for “fun”.

One advert, posted anonymously, talks of adult websites buzzing with anecdotes about the craze and asking the location of hot spots.

Under the title “Kinky tram fun?”, the message – supposedly written by a woman – reads: “Seen lots of chat about christening the new tram stops on dogging sites and want to get involved.

“Really want to be the first to get frisky at the tram stop or EVEN ON A TRAM. That would be AMAZINGGGG!!!!! Know this sounds mental, but I’m really into it. Get in touch with info!!!!!”

Another advert alludes to a “race to christen the trams”.

Councillor Joanna Mowat, shadow transport convener for the city’s Conservatives, said she hoped the adverts were hoaxes posted by people who were “all mouth and nae trousers”.

She said: “In light of some of the complaints about the tram stops not providing much protection from the weather, it does seem an unusual venue given the competition seems to be on and with the weather turning wintry.

“It is perplexing to choose this sort of venue for this sort of event and, of course, one would up hold the police’s commitment to deal appropriately with anyone who is caught misusing these shelters.”

She said romantic liaisons on the trams would be “extremely public, exceedingly distasteful and deeply unpleasant”.

Tram inspectors would be expected to crack down on unsavoury rendezvouses, with misbehaviour punishable by a £1000 fine or even a year-long ban.

An army of tram “bouncers” will be patrolling carriages to quell antisocial behaviour and enforce a string of transport 
by-laws governing the route.

A council spokeswoman said: “If anyone suspects that illegal activity is taking place they should report it to the police.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Any incidents of public indecency will be thoroughly investigated and those found to be involved will be dealt with by police.”

Critics previously blasted the “minimalist” tram shelters for failing to protect passengers from the dreich Scottish weather. It was claimed the tall, thin design of the glass and steel shelters was inadequate for people waiting up to ten minutes for a tram.