Contactless payments to be trialled on Lothian Buses

PASSENGERS will be able to pay for their fare using contactless payments as part of a pilot scheme on the Airlink service.

The technology is being fitted to Lothian’s new fleet of Airlink buses, and will be a first for the city. If successful, it could be introduced to all of Lothian’s other services across the city within the next 12 months.

All major contactless payment cards can be used, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. American Express will not be accepted.

Nigel Serafini, Commercial Director from Lothian said: “This is the first time that we will be offering contactless payment for journeys on any of our buses, which will be a welcome addition to our range of ticketing and payment choices. It’s a seamless and convenient way to pay for your ticket, especially for visitors to the capital, who might not be in Edinburgh long enough to benefit from the best value travel our Ridacard season ticket offers.

“Our team will be monitoring system performance over the coming months and, if it proves to be successful, we will then be in a position to begin rolling out contactless payments across the whole of the Lothian network in the near future.”


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Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport said: “Contactless payments in the Scotland are soaring and we need to keep up with the way technology is changing to offer a 21st century service.”