Edinburgh passengers ‘pushing each other’ just to fit on crowded trains

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A DISGRUNTLED commuter has shared a video of an overcrowded train as she made her way into Edinburgh this morning.

The woman said passengers were “pushing each other” just to get a space, with some people left behind on the platform at Brunstane.

Some passengers on an overcrowded service this morning.

Some passengers on an overcrowded service this morning.

Sharing a video on social media, the regular commuter, described the situation as “ridiculous”.

She wrote: “It’s the same every morning. You have no idea whether you’re actually going to get on so you have to avoid planning meetings first thing just in case. People are pushing each other just to get on and you end up squeezing in uncomfortably close to strangers in the cramped corridors or even in the toilets. It’s a ridiculous way to treat passengers who pay a small fortune to use the service.”

Scotrail responded: “I’m very sorry your journey was an unpleasant one this morning. We’re using all the available carriages we have at peak times. Please be assured the train wouldn’t operate if it wasn’t safe. We’re adding to the fleet in 2019 to help reduce overcrowding.”