Emergency landing: ‘People screamed’ as tyre burst

The plane made an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Rami Okasha
The plane made an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Rami Okasha
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A Ryanair plane was forced to make a dramatic landing at Edinburgh airport this morning just minutes into the flight.

Passengers have been kept waiting at least for seven hours after the incident on the 8.05 to Dublin.

One reported hearing a loud bang seconds after takeoff, before the captain veered sharply off course and piloted the plane back towards the runway.

Bewildered passengers were met with fire crew and the emergency services before being informed that one of the plane’s tyres had burst on takeoff and it was unsafe to proceed to Dublin.

As buses whisked the travellers to the terminal building, they saw the shredded rubber lying in pieces on the runway.

“The pilot was very professional, but you have to wonder what kind of checks Ryanair do before take-off,” said one passenger.

One said they had been told by Ryanair staff that more internal problems with the plane had been discovered and a replacement flight would hopefully take-off just after 3pm.

He added that they had been given just a voucher to get a hot drink, with no information about compensation for missed flights or events for the 120 passengers.

It is understood several people on the flight were on their way to attend a wedding.

Oil worker Keiran Steel, 20, who was heading to Dublin for the weekend, said: “As we were taking off there was a big bang. The wheels were just off the ground. Some people were screaming and there were kids crying.”

Mr Steel, from Forfar, said: “It happened to me once before on my way to Turkey so I knew it was the tyre. We were in the air for about 20 minutes, circling the airport - they were obviously trying to check the plane from the ground.

“We landed again and everyone got off and we have now been sitting in the departure lounge for four hours, waiting for a new wheel.”

Edinburgh Airport said the plane had landed safely and been guided to a remote space while it was checked over.

They also carried out a safety sweep of the runway immediately after the landing.


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