‘I can’t AFFORD a new car’: Edinburgh reacts to Low Emission Zone proposals

They are radical plans that have got the city talking.

Monday, 6th May 2019, 1:32 pm
Updated Monday, 6th May 2019, 1:35 pm

City council chiefs are keen to ban the most polluting cars from the whole of Edinburgh by extending the planned low emission zone (LEZ) in the city centre - to the entire Capital.

Broadly speaking, diesel cars registered after September 2014 will comply with the new rules, along with petrol cars dating back to January 2005. The rest will not.

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Revealed: Radical plans to ban polluting cars from the whole of Edinburgh
Traffic on St John's Road. Picture: TSPL

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Social media has been awash with comments...

Maddie Lyons: “I can’t AFFORD a new car! So am I to be penalised and prevented from visiting family/friends, going shopping or attending important appointments?”

James Borwick: “What about the folk that need to drive in for work, that can’t afford new cars. People have jobs that can’t rely on buses getting them in.”

Nicola Harrison: “So what if u live in the city & have an older car but can’t afford a newer one?”

Lynne Hainsworth: “I bought a diesel because the govt encouraged me to do so, now I’m being penalised for taking that advice.”

Kate Heatly: “Thought Edinburgh voted against congestion charge is this not it in an other disguise????”

Murray Clark: “Even when I had very little money I managed to afford a £4 return each day from Winchburgh, all the buses in town are like £1.70 each, get a grip.”

Luis Alexandre Costa: “All of Edinburgh is kind of extreme. But from the city centre I’m all for it!”

Jacqueline Dickson: “Well you’d better put on a better bus service to allow folks to get to work on time especially for those who live outwith Edinburgh.”

Fraser Nickerson: “That will be an end of vans in the town centre then? Good luck to anyone wanting works done!”

Evelyn Kenny: “About time too!!!!! It’s really bad and glad something is being done about it yay to the council for once!!”

Steven Robertson: “The rich people will be fine, as ever, as they can afford new cars as well as paying any fines or fees.”