Letters: Readers debate the new £12m cycle investment in Edinburgh

Two of our readers have a very different opinion on the new cycling investment in the Capital. But who do you agree with?

Thursday, 21st September 2017, 3:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st September 2017, 3:19 pm
The investment in cycling has left many on different sides of the fence.
The investment in cycling has left many on different sides of the fence.

Cycling investment will help the Capital breathe

The news of £12 million of additional investment in cycling infrastructure in the Capital is certainly good news (News, 19 September).

It is only through sustained investment in safe, segregated cycle routes that we will encourage those who do not currently cycle to get on their bikes and reap the city-wide benefits in improved health, environment and air quality that will flow.

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Green councillors will take a constructive approach to pushing for this investment to translate into high-quality routes being delivered on the ground.

It is essential the council has the capacity to deliver well-designed and well-built routes, and that means sufficient qualified and experienced staff within the council, and high standards of quality assurance.

The investment is a significant step forward for active travel, but to make a real difference for decades to come, it is important that it is matched by capacity to deliver on the ground.

Chas Booth, Green Councillor for Leith, City Chambers, High Street

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Bike group backs new £12m cycle routes in Edinburgh

Motorists paying price for new infrastructure

Once again I see that the non-paying cyclists are getting priority over the heavily fee-paying motorists.

Yet more cycleways for people that contribute nothing in the way of cost for cycle routes or the upkeep of the roads. Where are the council going to get their share of the cost of this project? Let me see, ah yes, why don’t we take it from the motorist?

The roads that we pay to upkeep are an absolute disgrace, nobody wants to find the money to fix them.

All road users are equally important, but that’s not the case with this council for the motorist, who now face 20mph restrictions, no-go areas and even talk of congestion charges. Prove me wrong, let’s see a level playing field, let’s see drivers being equally as important as other road users.

Raymond Ross, Hutchison Avenue, Edinburgh