'Look out for potholes' - Edinburgh reacts to Fast and Furious 9 filming on Royal Mile

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Readers have been reacting as it emerged filming for the Fast and Furious 9 movie will take place in Edinburgh in September.

Production company FF9 alongside Universal Pictures have leafleted local residents and businesses to the filming due to take place on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 September along the High Street, Parliament Square and St Giles Street.

Residents have been warned to prepare for Holywood high speed car chases being filmed along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh next month.

Residents have been warned to prepare for Holywood high speed car chases being filmed along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh next month.

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The Fast and Furious action films, which centre round illegal street racing, are Universal's biggest franchise of all time, and is currently the ninth-highest grossing film of all time. Previous films have starred Holywood legends such as Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

The notification says that "the scenes involve vehicles travelling at speed, and as such require us to implement road closure along the High Street and Parliament Square".

There will also be a police presence during filming.

Views from Evening News readers are split, with many reacting with a good sense of humour.

Robert Hamilton said: "Will be a pretty boring scene travelling 20mph and being caught in temporary traffic lights as another pavement is being widened.

"Don’t forget the Chinese tourists standing in the middle of the road holding up traffic."

Steven Oliver said: "They should film it on the bypass. It's fast and furious there every day of the week."

Heather Anderson said: "Look out for potholes & loose cobbles."

Heather Henderson said: "So not long after we finish playing "in & out the dusting bluebells," with all the road closures due to Roadworks everywhere & then the Edinburgh Festival "which I love by the way", we'll have further road closures due to filming, seriously."

Tam Bruce said: "Hope it's no on a Sunday as CEC have there road closures oh a brown envelope will change that but what about the emissions from these super cars? Oh wait, another brown envelope."

Tyler Lovatt said: "These actors won even be paying council tax. Bl**dy disgrace using our city."

Others said it would have its benefits.

Scott J Glanville said: "They pay over 100k fee to the council which isn't asked for but they always pay a huge sum of money, same with Glasgow."

And Lee Greaves added: "Not to mention all the extra spending by the hundreds of members of cast and crew in the local economy. Tourists also don't pay council tax either, is it adisgrace that they use the city too? What an utterly ridiculous comment!