More tow trucks to clear cars from tram lines

Tom Norris. Picture: Greg Macvean
Tom Norris. Picture: Greg Macvean
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TOW trucks will be tasked with removing cars found blocking tram routes as the £776 million project prepares to go live next month.

As testing continues Tom Norris, director and general manager of Edinburgh Trams, has revealed he is working with the council to make sure there are adequate towing vehicles available so the trams can keep running.

He said: “The biggest challenge we’ve had is traffic in the city centre and people parking where they shouldn’t. That’s something we’re seeing on a daily basis. We’re working with the City of Edinburgh Council to make sure there are vehicles available to tow the cars away so the trams can keep running.”

Yellow dots have been placed on either side of the tracks in busy areas, showing the driver how wide the tram is and whether it is going to hit any cars parked along the route.

The local authority is yet to announce a start date for passenger service on the trams, but they are due to be live by the end of May.

Mr Norris said: “We have still got a huge amount of testing and training to go. We have got 40 drivers, all of who have to pass their training. Before we go live we need to get a tick in the box to say we have done everything safely.

“There are a number of tests that need to be carried out. For example, every driver is going to have to tow another tram along the whole length of the line so they know what happens if one of the trams breaks down. It’s just one example of what we have to do before the service goes live.

“Every driver had a four-week training course they have gone through. The trams are still new to Edinburgh and people need to get used to them as well.”