People of Edinburgh see both sides of argument over potential Lothian bus drivers strike

BUS drivers in the Capital are set to take indefinite strike action from the end of next week.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 9:36 am
BUS drivers in the Capital are set to take indefinite strike action from the end of next week.
BUS drivers in the Capital are set to take indefinite strike action from the end of next week.

But the stoppage could still be called off if the drivers vote to accept a last-minute offer tabled by the company which includes a 2.7 per cent pay rise.Here's how you reacted to the news:

Will a responsible adult bang some heads together, so tourists will be able to sit on an open top bus to see the city, but old Nancy won’t get to her doctor’s appointment to have her bloods checked; care homes and hospitals will have a staffing issue etc, etc. Cheers, well done.

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Paul Mcgranaghan

Should adopt the Japanese method of running the service but not collecting fares.

Rick Davis

The council will claim the resulting increase in tram usage as a huge success, which vindicates their decision to make the half tramline into a three quarter tramline.

Lucien Romano

Brilliant, I am going to enjoy driving around our pothole- ridden roads with no traffic jams caused by an excess of buses. And it will really pee off the tourists, ha, ha.

Brian Stewart

Good luck, and timed to perfection.

David Black

Best of luck to the drivers. I am with you 100%.

Lauren Whitelaw

Tbf, look at all the rubbish they have had to put up with. Some really great drivers out there, they deserve better.

Kimberley Richardson

The hierarchy are a disgrace - best of luck to the drivers. They deserve much better.

Scott Dixon

Hope those tour buses stop too. There were five in a row yesterday all down Lady Lawson Street. Quite unbelievable. Good luck to the Lothian Buses drivers.

Valerie Thornton Hunter

Start a new job in the centre of Edinburgh on 31 July. No buses will be a major issue for me from Dalkeith, as how do I get into Edinburgh? Train, oh wait that’ll be horrendously busy. Definitely not my car...parking costs. Can’t wait! Feel sorry for the drivers, though hopefully the strike will be resolved quickly.

Iain Sutherland

The management has to take responsibility for any industrial action. Striking is a last resort and never entered into lightly.

William Davie

Solidarity always. Hopefully no scabs.

David Moir Withers

Good, it may stop the bullying from management, although don’t hold your breath. I’m with the drivers on this one.

Agnes Marchbank

Best of luck to the drivers Management are at fault here and the public should be behind the drivers. Solidarity.

Julie Logan

Hope not, as I’m on early shift next Friday, and late shift next Saturday night. Can’t afford taxis.

Joyce Combe

Ah great, us nurses will get to walk to work. What a thrill!

Carolann Henderson

About time these guys had a say. Yes it will affect a lot of people, but it will be better in the long .

Cheryl Little

Very clever, timed for the start of the Fringe where Richard Hall will likely be preoccupied with putting on his Jester Fringe show.

Alan Brown

Quite agree with them!

Susan Andrews

Absolutely nothing worse than a bullying management culture. Or management who act outwith company rules and are protected by complicit higher management.

Kenny Davis Snr

Does that mean we can use the Greenways?

Kenneth Hardy

Excellent. I hope they do go on strike, it will be much easier to drive across the city by car without having the congestion caused by the ridiculous number of buses.

Russell Brand

The drivers must be well hacked off to give up a day’s pay to protest against their management. Good for them.

Fi Liddle

The roads may actually flow fairly well then. Biggest cause of congestion in Edinburgh is Lothian Buses - four and five buses all waiting to get into the same stop causing massive queues, blocking junctions the list goes on. Yet it it’s your average motorist being shafted by the council and hit with tax after tax. Gareth Ferrol

It’s not about the wage rise, it’s about management changing conditions and ignoring the rules.

Donna Arnott