Random Acts of Kindness: Which finalist gets your People's Champion vote?

Here are your three Lothian Buses employees who have touched our hearts with their good deeds to make it onto the People's Champion shortlist.

Tuesday, 14th November 2017, 10:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:03 pm
Lothian Bus stock images

Image by: Malcolm McCurrach
Lothian Bus stock images Image by: Malcolm McCurrach

Here are your three Lothian Buses employees who have touched our hearts with their good deeds to make it onto the People’s Champion shortlist.

After dozens of readers nominated their Lothian bus driver for random acts of kindness in the Capital, our judges really had their work cut out to decide who should be in the final three.

A decision now has been made with the finalists showcasing just how big a heart Edinburgh’s community has, which has not been forgotten by the public.

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A good deed by a stranger can go a long way and the Capital recognises those who go the extra mile for their customers.

The People’s Champion doesn’t necessarily have to be a bus driver, any Lothian employee who has made a lasting impression on their customers.

Our finalists are made up of a bus tour guide, an IT systems administrator and a bus driver – displaying how highly regarding employees at Lothian are liked and respected.

The actions of Raul Campo-Folgado, Joy Innes-Greig and Joe Burnett have captured the imaginations of the Capital with their great service to Edinburgh, not just once, but on a consistent basis.

Joe Burnett

Euan McGrory, deputy editor of the Edinburgh Evening News, said: “The good deeds of Lothian staff this year have really won our hearts. They have been an inspiration.

“They provide a fantastic service to the city around the clock, every day of the year, but sometimes it is the way that they do it that makes all the difference. A little thought and care can go a long, long way.

“We are delighted to recognise the kindness and care shown by their staff throughout the year. I’d like to thank everyone for nominating so far and I look forward to seeing who the public think deserves to be our People’s Champion.”

Joe Burnett

Joy Innes Greig

Profile: Joe works as IT Systems Administrator and is very much part of the Lothian Family. Joe still enjoys getting involved in major events around the city, helping his colleagues as a key part of the on-street operations team covering rugby matches, marathons, Highland Show and many other big events in the city.

Nomination: Wheelchair user Naomi Shaw praised Lothian buses employee Joe for his intervention after the Fringe Festival finale in August.

She said: “Joe made a point of asking which bus my husband and I needed and got it to line up in front of us. This seemingly small gesture made a huge difference as my anxiety was starting to rise.”

Comment: Alan Black, head of service delivery said: “Joe is always helpful, considerate and friendly towards our customers. He is a real asset to the business and a valued member of the team.”

Raul Campo- Folgado

Joy Innes-Greig

Profile: Joy had a long career as a teacher in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and on taking early retirement she trained as a tour guide in 2012. Fluent in French and Spanish and a love of meeting new acquaintances, Joy quickly settled in to life at Edinburgh Bus Tours.

Nomination: “When I visited Edinburgh early in the year I thought I knew about Edinburgh’s wonderful history.

“But, after a tour with Joy she really did bring the city to life. She told us not only histry, but more recent information.

“I found her very informative and also with a good sense of humour – a credit to the city.”

Comment: Kenny Campbell, tour operations manager, said: “Joy is gregarious, funny, caring and professional. Joy is a wonderful advert for the business and our ethos which is to make sure that our visitors enjoy their experience of Edinburgh.”

Joe Burnett

Raul Campo-Folgado

Profile: Raul has been with Lothian since 2008 and is a valued member of the team at Central Garage. He is an ambassador for Lothian and always goes above and beyond for customers. He can normally be found driving on the Airlink 100 service. Raul is originally from Spain. His love of the city, and for his job, makes him very popular.

Nomination: “The gent driving the 3pm service 47 from Ladywood to Granton is one of the nicest drivers I’ve ever had! So polite and friendly and especially patient with elderly travellers. Was really nice to see and has made my day!”

Comment: Will Pare, general manager at Central garage said: “The title of this award perfectly sums up Raul as he is certainly a people person. He is admired by colleagues and customers alike and a true ambassador for Lothian.”

How you can vote

It’s now time for you to have your say on who you believe deserves to be the Lothian People’s Champion.

Voting could not be easier for readers to nominate which of these three Lothian workers has impressed you the most through their Random Acts of Kindness.

Lothian has been repeatedly recognised as the best in Britain for the first-class service it provides.

So who has touched your hearts the most? Who out of our three is worthy of winning the top prize?

These simple but fantastic acts have caught the public imagination.

There were many more worthy nominees in the mix but only one can be crowned the Lothian buses People’s Champion 2017.

The good deeds of Edinburgh’s top bus employees are deserving of your support and this trio are after your votes.

You can nominate your favourite of the final three by filling in the coupon in the paper and posting it to Lothian People’s Champion, Edinburgh Evening News, Orchard Brae House, 30 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2HS.

Alternatively readers can vote via our online poll.

Let us know by midnight on Sunday, November 19, at the latest for your vote to count.

Votes will then be counted and verified to discover just who will win the top award.

The People’s Champion will then be honoured at a special awards night on Thursday November 23.

Joy Innes Greig
Raul Campo- Folgado